Awesome Stuff in Japan 😍

Japan is one country that can amaze you with something new every time you there. I can go to Japan again and again and again and will never be bored. What do I like the most about Japan? Their impeccable customer service and the cleanliness. I’m also addicted to their beverage vending machines + all the kawaii stuff 😜

I bought lots of souvenirs around Teramachi area in Kyoto.

Japan Bags

All kinds of fabric bags.

Japan Handphone Casing

Kawaii Handphone Pouch…

Japan Deco Plate

Deco Plate.

Kyoto Yatsuhashi

Strawberry Chocolate Yatsuhashi. The super cute tin casing just perfect for souvenir.

Kyoto Mochi

The best mochi I ever had. But I can only get this at Kyoto Tower.

Japan Apple Vending Machine

Apple Vending Machine at one of the train station in Tokyo.

Japan KitKat

My Fav. I tried to look for KitKat at every single place I went to in Japan. You can find lots of it in Tokyo and some rare one at the destination itself. I found the Orange+Lemon+Lime KitKat at Miyajima Island in Hiroshima. Cherry Blossom Green Tea, Chilli & Sublime Bitter I bought at KitKat Chocolatory in Ikebukuro. You can get the Strawberry as well as Geen Tea KitKat at most convenience store.

Tokyo Lego Figure

I ❤ Tokyo Lego Figure at Lego Shop, Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana. I like the strawberry version 😋.

Disneyland Tokyo

Tokyo Disneyland merchandise.

Disneyland Tokyo Toy Story

Super cute 👽 dumpling at Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo Disneyland Popcorn

Honey Popcorn.

Don’t forget to try the variety flavours of popcorn, only at Tokyo Disneyland!

Japan Hello Kitty

From lottery at Sanrio Gallery Shinsaibashi, Osaka few years back. Sooo worth it to play the lottery. All Sanrio Special Edition small table, plate, pillow, coin bank & folder.

Japan Fridge Magnet

And of course, the fridge magnet

Japan Keychain

as well as the keychain!!!

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