The Wanderluster

Hey all,

Hope you all have an awesome day!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. This blog exists due to my passion for traveling. But since there are just too many travel blogs out there, and I know you’ll never short of any destination blogs, so, I just here to show my souvenirs treasure from my trip. I might drop some tips too. In the future, I plan to include their prices as well, so you can roughly know their price range [especially important if you wanna do some bargaining 😉].

I’m not gonna do hotel reviews here but just gonna post pictures of them [just because sometimes we look for that particular picture of the hotel but can’t find it anywhere, I hope I can help with that]. I do my full hotel reviews on TripAdvisor, so you can read them all there. I’m a huge advocate of TripAdvisor, so I believe I should give back. And I’m a sucker for good service as well 😁.

Anyway, enjoy all the stuff specially handpicked by me and if you’ve any question, just contact me


Handpicked by Wanderluster

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